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Cappuccino Houndstooth Check Handrolled Wool Tie

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Product Description

Details & Care

This wool features a unique textured weave that structures a houndstooth-like check traversing a contrasting background. Few patterns make the colour assemble together such exquisitely as the houndstooth. In this cushioned mini houndstooth earthly dark brown cappuccino comes together with sage brown, creating an all-around tie for the leisure dressing. Because of its many hues of coffee cappuccino dark facing, it very instinctively finds its way with any shades of brown.

Untipped 3-folded 100% houndstooth wool tie with hand-rolled edges 


The beauty of an untipped tie is that it is very organic, simple and lightweight. You can see through the inner layer of the tie. At Suitsurmesur, we offer untipped ties with hand rolled edges, which means the tip is thinner because it is made with the outer shell fabric without the extra layer of interlining. More time, extraordinary skill and craft are involved in the construction of an untipped tie conversely to a tipped variant. An untipped tie is more airy and lighter especially when paired with an unconstructed jacket. It is a great choice for spring summer seasons as it produces a light drape that is quintessential for a downplayed elegant look. A subdued look that adds that subtle personality to an outfit.

Fold Construction

Classic ties are made with a 3-fold construction simply because the tie is folded three times over. Simply put, one fold on the inside, a second fold over and a third over again so that you get a closed seam on the edge. Alternatively, other fold construction types such as six, seven have become popular with tie enthusiasts and are used as a quality hallmark. However, what really matters is not the number of folds but the look, feel and quality of the materials used in the process of construction.

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