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Burgundy & Mid Grey Handrolled Silk/Wool Tie

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Untipped 3-folded Silk/Wool Regimental tie with hand-rolled edges

3-Fold Construction

Classic ties are made with a 3-fold construction simply because the tie is folded three times over. Simply put, one fold on the inside, a second fold over and a third over again so that you get a closed seam on the edge. Alternatively, other fold construction types such as six, seven have become popular with tie enthusiasts and are used as a quality hallmark. However, what really matters is not the number of folds but the look, feel and quality of the materials used in the process of construction.


Silk / Wool is a timeless combination and a versatile base for both casual and formal wear. The tie’s silk/wool blend gives texture, ideal for adapting your casual or formal look with different fabrics, whether you wear tweed, worsted wool, flannel or sharkskin suits. A conducive year around fabric that compliments your exquisitely tailored lightweight all-season three-piece sharkskin or linen suit in summer.

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