Army green/beige stripe Grenadine Shantung Tie


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Untipped 7-folded Silk Shantung Grenadine tie with hand-rolled edges

Armi green/beige stripe seven-fold tie made-up in shantung silk in grenadine weave, blotchy dots and slubby texture make this necktie a unique alluring piece. Beautifully crafted with a button placement under the bar tack (closing point of the fold construction) allowing for easy access into the inward carapace of the seven-fold construction. Pairs perfectly with rather informal summer outfits.
We recommend a double four in hand tie knot for the extra Sprezzatura!

7-Fold Construction

Seven-fold construction is the pinnacle of necktie craftsmanship. The unlined piece gets its volume from a seven-fold, which is folded inwards seven times over, without extra canvas, giving the tie a lightweight feel. The tie is slip-stitched throughout to allow for flexibility while wearing and creating a perfect 3D dimple at the knot. The shantung silk in grenadine weave also provides texture, adding subtle flair to crisp shirting. Pairs really well with white, sky blue and Bengal stripe shirts.

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