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The Contemporary World Of Suitsurmesur

"The true essence of human ingenuity & creativity is to inspire others through your craft"

Inspired by
Monsieur Dike


Our order process right to delivery is simple. We strive to bring the pinnacle of luxury custom made suits to your doorstep.


The legacy we are creating every day is one of authentic tailoring excellence and an idea of timeless elegance. What motivates our daily commitment is the desire to create apparels that are unique, with each garment having a backstory.

We draw inspiration from diverse backgrounds more importantly from our multi-cultural heritage were most of our garments represent exotic inlays that mirror the other side of our identity. It has been our passion to give shape to truly unique abstract ideas by transforming them from imaginations into visualised finished concept.

We collaborate and work in close harness with some of the world’s best talented and creative artists to create a veritable work of art. Our approach is an invitation to reflect, meditate and articulate our innate connection to our heritage and culture. By so doing, we manage to build & express our unique sense of identity through art.

This is why those who choose our apparels do so purely because they admire the high quality aesthetics of our apparels, value the backstory of each piece with the personalised and manual work ethic that gives each of our clothing accoutrements their true value.

An advocate for artisanal craftsmanship and with that being our forte, we are and always will be a stronghold, a bastion of defence for authentic custom tailoring against mass production and standardisation settings. We take pride in rewriting the traditional rules of fashion without cutting corners, driven solely by our quest for perfection and seeing our tailoring skills and ingenuity take shape each day in apparels that have soul and character.

Monsieur Dike