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Pocket Squares

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At SUITSURMESUR, it has been our passion to create truly unique inspiring pocket squares, collaborating and working in close harness with some of the world’s best talented and creative artists to create a veritable work of art. We ask painters, illustrators, graphic designers creative and passionate souls from any part of the world to create designs for our pocket squares, scarves and other clothing items.  Our pocket squares are designed in London and printed in Macclesfield, England. Our process involves using some of the finest fabrics from silk, wool a blend of both, all of which are hand rolled to give each pocket square a high quality finish. In addition, these fabrics give our pocket squares a different texture and feel and complement diverse jackets and seasons.

We place a lot of emphasis on unique designs and quality craftsmanship when creating a SUITSURMESUR pocket square and we enjoy going into details to inform you what goes into each of our products. Our zeal is to create a product that is not only beautiful and truly unique, but also tells a story, be that of the artwork, painting and designer behind the work. This is the more reason we moved away from the traditional classic paisley, polka dots and flat colours one often sees in classic pocket square collections into more interesting designs with a back-story. For example our Night in Harlem demonstrates a gender mix of people getting together to advocate empowerment with the slogan ‘Power to the people’.

We ensure that every item in our pocket square line up is as detailed as the fabric, taking time to find perfectly corresponding borders and colour palettes to ensure it’s not only unique, beautiful as a square but provides a number of fold opportunities in the jacket breast pocket. We also take time to experiment with different weight of fabric and satisfied to have achieved a perfect blend so the image is almost as crisp on the back of the pocket square as it is on the front. There are also important elements of the pocket square that are absolutely essential in a luxury pocket square. Hand rolled edging is one such thing, and is often listed as the single most defining feature of a pocket square. To achieve the perfect hand rolled edge, you have to roll the hem of the material very tightly with a series of dense stitches (making them nearly invisible on both sides). This lends the pocket square’s hem a plump, refined finish, unlike a machine-finished edge which can have loose threads and generally look flatter. This means each pocket square is truly unique and we like to think a veritable work of art in its perspective.

SUITSURMESUR artworks draw inspiration from its multicultural (African & European) heritage and this is the more reason we take a lot of pride in producing our exotic pocket squares. We always aim to provide unique and refined product for the contemporary man of exquisite taste who appreciates & values quality.