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Our exotic wool/silk African Queen Pocket Square is the modern clothing accessory for the refined quintessential gentleman. Folded neatly into the breast pocket of a formal suit jacket or casual blazer/sports coat, it instantly adds a dash of colour and effortless sophistication. The African Queen luxury pocket square is designed in London and handmade in Macclesfield, England using British finest pure blend of wool & silk and features hand-rolled edges. This pocket square is available in a variety of vibrant border colours. Let the hand printed details do the talking – a luxury accessory piece with an elevated style for men with cultivated elegance.


The artwork features a couple, palm trees, a level seashore, colourful rainbow motifs and the iconic African Queen vessel equivalent to the famous RMS Titanic British passenger liner. The vessel (African Queen) sets sail in search of the rescapés (mixed couple survivors) of the grand deluge in a remote Coast Island affected by tropical cyclones. The couple finds solace in a new paradisiac Palm Beach Island. This is synonymous to the biblical Noah and the Ark.

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