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Designed in London and exclusively printed for Suiturmesur in the historical heart of British silk industry, Macclesfield. The Redemption pocket square combines our love for African wildlife. A unique hand drawn artistry featuring 100% silk or a blend of wool/silk fabric composition. This pocket square represents the epitome of Suitsurmesur’s sartorial expertise, a unique crafted masterpiece with a revealing back story.


Humans over the years have engaged in a progressive unethical extinction of wildlife species purely for economic benefits. Poaching is an increasingly unconscionable practice that is exponentially gaining roots in the wildlife habitat. This artwork raises awareness for endangered animals and the risks that they are exposed to, the conscious need to redeem our wildlife against the illegal trade..

This artwork is dedicated to Mathew Talbot of the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards, who tragically died on counter poaching operations in Malawi on 5 May 2019. His mission encompassed protecting some of the world’s most endangered species from those who seek to profit from the criminal slaughter of wildlife. He laid his life setting a perfect example to protect the wildlife. It was typical of his character to volunteer for an important and challenging role in Malawi to protect and preserve the wildlife.


Animal species need an environment free from any human cruelty and where they can live in harmony to procreate with other species in their natural habitat. Human increasing population deserve a beautiful wildlife experience that is free of poaching or fear of extinction of wildlife and its conservation. Together, let's help preserve and protect our wildlife free from animal cruelty.

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