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The African Baroque Range

The range represents a reflection of the timeless grandeur of the African continent of old. A contemporary celebration of Mother Africa, her culture, heritage, arts, ingenuity and endless riches of expression.

Printed exclusively for Suitsurmesur in the historical heart of British silk industry, Macclesfield. The Queen and Crown Pocket Square combines our love for African culture and art with our passion for custom classic menswear. Meticulously hand selected historical prints chosen for their beauty as art as well as for their compatibility as an accessory. We pay attention to how the pocket square can be worn; depending on the fold, different looks are possible showing only certain colours, making it very versatile pocket square. This pocket square is available in a variety of vibrant colours.


The Dynasty (Queen and crown) highlights and showcases one of the finest and most illustrious of Benin bronze’s, the head of the Queen Mother, Idia. Who played a pivotal role in the success of her son Oba Esigie in the Igala War. This piece celebrates the love, grace and regal presence of African motherhood and is embellished and adorned by the finest attributes of Royal regalia, including coral necklaces, ivory carvings and crowns amongst much more.

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