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THE ERYKAH TREE - Women’s Scarf with Handrolled edges

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Our exotic silk scarf is a beautiful creation made of top luxurious English silk yarn. The edges are handrolled in Macclesfield, England. The scarf features an outstanding kaleidoscopic artwork with seasonal hues. A generous size scarf that gives you ample and diverse fold possibilities. A luxury piece, the perfect women investment with timeless style.


A portrait of the soul singer Erykah Badu 

A vision of the inner qualities and inner truths of the singer and her music through a metaphorical lens that captures her graceful beauty and noble character within a symbolic landscape articulating her innate connection to her heritage, culture, sense of identity and highly developed spiritual sensibilities.

The Erykah Tree is an invitation to reflect and meditate on the inspiring inner words of one of the most iconic soul singers of recent times.

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