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SUITSURMESUR Made to Measure custom suits are cut and constructed to your specific exacting requirements and measurements, giving you the opportunity to assert your uniqueness through the selection of style, fabric, construction type and personalised details. As we thrive through embracing the culture of quality tailored garments, our suits employ the similar level of precise traditional tailoring as Savile Row methods usually associated with bespoke suits.

an elegant Suitsurmesur suit

Our MTM commissions take about 6 to 7 weeks to make and arrive straight finished without a basted fitting generally associated with Bespoke. The cut and fit are essential in constructing an elegant suit that will leave a long lasting impression and our tailored suits are usually created to conceal your shortcomings, create a flattering appearance and bring out the asset of the wearer.

tailor's tools'

As we work through designs that mirror our passion, savoir-faire and help satisfy the sartorial need of our fashion conscious clients, we take pride in seeing the finished custom suit on our clients. In the case where slight alterations are needed; our in house tailors will do their utmost best to bring the suit to your required standards.

tailor measuring shoulders


You simply visit us for a fitting with a member of our Bespoke team, where you are measured. You then decide on the style of suit you would like and choose the fabric, buttons and lining. It will take approximately 6 weeks for your suit to be finished and ready for you to enjoy.

Mr-Dike checking a Suitsurmesur suit


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SSM Label

Suitsurmesur SSM Label features a half canvas suit construction. This is the regular line for our custom-made suit proposition with a wide range of fabric selection from the world’s most renowned cloth mills. If you have never had a custom suit made for you, this is the perfect choice as it is a huge leap from the massively produced ready-to-wear propositions.

This option gives the client an insight into the custom tailoring world. It allows the client to create a unique custom garment that fits like a glove and eliminates to a great extent the need for a King’s ransom alteration costs usually associated to off the rack suit offerings.

Black Label Suit
Inspired by Monsieur Dike Label

Monsieur Dike inspired range is the pinnacle of our luxury custom tailoring and features hand finished jacket (buttonhole, armhole, jacket hem, edges, welts and flaps) to a high level of artisanal craftsmanship. In addition, this line features exclusive fabric woven by reputable cloth mills shaped with a full floating canvas construction for better drape capable of withstanding many years of wear.

This line also comes with the top of the range in-house body linings (inlays) made of satin, poly heavy satin, light satin, twill, habotai as these propositions allow for our garments to breathe well. Our lining collection consists of an extensive range of plain to the most intricate exotic colourful motifs and artistic expressions that have a backstory. Clients who opt for this line of tailoring are spoilt for choice and allow them to add a unique soft touch of personality, soul and character to their garments.

Monsieur Dike Inspired Label is for the discerning gentleman who treasures this level of sartorial refinement.

Gold Label Suit