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We are custom clothiers providing first hand clothing experience to people desiring unique tailoring experience. If you are considering becoming a client, you will very quickly notice the difference between a custom made offering and a ready to wear; the very moment you try-on one of our tailored garment.


For the most part, as the name implies, custom is made to your individual measurement, taking into consideration your body shape and posture. The fit of the garment is tailored according to your individual specification and often time, it is impossible to return to off the rack altered garment that is seldom, if ever, just right.

a suit that fits


Whether you are a very generous size, off the rack garment propositions are always limited and can never offer extensive range of fabrics that are commonly found at custom clothiers, with the latter having a broad scope of fabrics in different patterns, weights and qualities, all available in the desired size.

batch of clothes swatches exotic linings


Ever considered the last time you had the unique experience of choosing the design and construction of your suit, single breasted or double breasted, peak or notch, slant or straight pocket? All of these are an integral part of a custom tailoring.

single breasted suit double breasted suit


When was the last time you were able to choose the fabric lining of your suit? This is an overlooked component in a ready to wear suit offering. Lining is an important part of a tailored garment and gives a visual indulgence to the wearer and others who manage to catch a glimpse of it. Clients are spoilt for choice as they add a touch of their personality to the garment. We consider it to be the soul and character of a custom garment.



The skills, craftsmanship as well as the materials and trimmings that go into custom tailoring are of top-notch quality that far supersedes ready to wear offerings.

closer view of a milanese closer view of working cuffs


The principal benefit of custom clothing is that it fits the individual like a glove. It asserts your personality and once a suit has a perfect fit and drape, it eliminates the need for expensive alteration costs.

unique suit for a unique soul cloth choice


Considering all the benefits, a custom garment is truly unique, the result of a personal creative thinking, priceless and has a far better value than off the rack. In most cases, a custom garment comes with a better price than most excessively priced designer labeled garments.

value value value